Gwenna Hunter

Gwenna is the Community Events Coordinator for Vegan Outreach in the greater Los Angeles area where she organizes a variety of events to engage and help facilitate the empowerment of local communities in following a vegan lifestyle.

Gwenna has several years of experience as an IT recruiter and social media consultant, as well as in radio and television sales and marketing.

In 2016, Gwenna went from vegetarian to vegan after watching the video Dairy is Scary and having a dream where she connected and spiritually became one with a cow and understood that they felt, received and gave love just like humans. As founder of Vegans of LA, Gwenna enjoys bringing people together for social functions designed to create networking, mingling, dating, and a safe, fun space for non-vegans to experience new and delicious foods, while also learning that it’s unnecessary to eat and wear animals.



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