Tiana Hill

Hi, my name is Tiana Hill. I am a yoga instructor, recipe creator, food lover and a vegan
health and wellness lifestyle inspirer. My passion and mission is to empower people, myself
included, on and off of the mat, to live according to their values and move in a way that is
authentic and speaks to their truth.
On the mat, I create dynamic vinyasa flow classes while integrating precise alignment and
meditation along with the spiritual aspects of the practice.
I teach studio classes, private sessions, workshops and trainings.
5 years ago, I transitioned from the standard American diet and stopped eating land
animals once I learned of the billions of animals that are slaughtered each year for human
consumption. I soon stopped eating fish, dairy and eggs and now don’t consume anything
that comes from an animal.
My intention is to teach others the tools necessary to transition to a vegan lifestyle and a
plant-based diet.
I love to bring yoga and veganism together to truly live a healthy lifestyle from the inside
I live in Phoenix, AZ and share a home with my 2 vegan children, 2 dogs and 7 pet



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