Peter Smith



Peter lives for underdog moments. He works for one of the largest websites in the world specializing in online/digital/mobile advertising. He is passionate about the current career path he’s chosen because it allows him to help small local businesses compete with large chains, contributing to the diversity of local communities and helping local economies thrive. He considers the vegan movement the biggest underdog moment of our time and is fully committed to making sure a plant-based way of living comes out on top.


Peter has been vegan for nearly 7 years along with his wife, Amoryn. He believes living a vegan lifestyle has helped him live a more fulfilling life as he has learned to practice compassion, awareness, curiosity, love, passion and commitment, not only in what he chooses to eat or buy, but in all aspects of his life. The Smith’s have contributed to many previous events and charities benefitting animals and are very excited to be a part of SW VegFest, keeping the passion of “local” alive and supporting the amazing vegan community throughout the region. Peter says “The vegan community here in Phoenix has so much to offer and the people here are so welcoming and enthusiastic about this cause. It’s going to be a lot of fun connecting more people with that network.”

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