Here is what we're doing to be a zero waste Festival

Can'd Aid- Crush it crusade

The Crush it Crusade is building a core of Crush it Crusaders that are leading the way recycling and diverting waste in their communities. Crush it Crusade teams up with communities and organizations that need a lil’ help getting a recycling program off the ground. Thanks to the Can'd Aid Crush It Crusade Grant we are able to provide six waste diversion stations, each containing trash, recycling, and compost bins, across the festival grounds. During our very first year, we were able to divert 72% of waste generated!

Why Divert Waste?


Landfills suck. Decomposition in landfills creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. In fact, landfills are one of the top three largest sources of methane emissions in the U.S. We all know what other industry is at the top of the methane producing list and many of us are here partly because of that knowledge. We are disgusted by the treatment of farmed animals and concerned the resulting environmental consequences are not taken seriously enough. In order to have a just future for everyone, there must be resources to support this future and a planet that can sustain us all. With 20-30% of compostable material ending up in landfills, we are wasting one of the most valuable resources we have on this planet. Thankfully, nature has devised a really cool and easy way to turn organic material into useable forms of energy (heat, fuel, caloric energy-from food grown using compost)! This is awesome! How could anyone NOT be pumped about all the wonders of compost?!

We are all probably very familiar with recycling by now but surprisingly don’t see recycling options in public spaces or events as often as we should. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials. We like that because a lower demand on raw materials means reduction in deforestation and other habitat destruction. Recycling of materials also requires less energy and less water than production using raw materials. It just makes sense. We already have the stuff; why not use it to make different stuff?


Recycle: Deposit your empty soft-drink cans and clear glass items here.


Compost: Place your compostable drink cups, paper plates, and food scraps here.


Waste: All non-recyclable, non-compostable garbage goes here.


Not sure how to sort what you want to toss? The waste-diversion stations feature visual examples of what items belong where so that you can easily identify where particular items go. Enthusiastic volunteers will also be at every diversion station to help you “talk trash”.

We encourage an eco-friendly ride:

Take the lightrail (there is a stop right in front of the park on Central and Indian School) and get a free gift!  Just stop by the SouthWest VegFest Table and show us your lightrail ticket to claim your gift!